Give it or Get it – Charity Fundraising Easier than Ever

In addition to matchmaking services, The Punjabi Matrimonial also supports social causes through monetary fundraising. While a part of our income goes directly to the charity, you can also contribute separately to a social cause.

Besides contributing, you can also get in touch with us to raise money for a particular cause. That’s where our motto fits right, “If you are in need, you can ask for it. If you have extra, you can donate.”

Types of Charity Services

As stated above, we believe in give and take. As per a common phrase, “Charity Begins at Home,” we donate a part of our fee. Here’s what all we offer:


Mass Marriage

Register to Donate/Raise Charity

Willing to Support a Social Cause?

The Punjabi Matrimonial team is always ready to support people in need. While we contribute whatever we can, we know that we can’t end all the world’s troubles alone. You can also be a member of our campaigns and raise/donate for a cause.